As a member of PUBLIC VOICE Lab you get professional Intenet products & services and access to our latest developments and tools. The basics are web space with unlimited traffic, dial-in, domain hosting, telephone and fax boxes, self-admin of accounts, a newsletter and the access to

We offer three types of membership models with two variants: one with support and one without.

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are individuals who need basic Internet services. (e-mail, webspace, mailing lists) They also get access to net.board.

Most of these services are self-admin.

Individual: are persons who need basic Internet services with personal support.

Organisation: Basic Internet services for organisations and services for small net communities. Webspace of 1 GB included.

Community: In this category you get support via telephone or on-the-spot, but services & products are the same as in the category "organisation".

Partner: Partners are organisations PUBLIC VOICE Lab is co-operating with in various projects (e-democracy, media). All services (e.g. micro payment, audiostreaming...) can be used.

are partners of PUBLIC VOICE Lab who are offered access to project results. They can be members of PUBLIC VOICE Labs scientific board. They are offered consulting services up to three days/year.

Further details to the different services and features are retrievable from our membership table.

If you want to become a member, register online: registration form, or print out the (german) form (download rtf format 35kB), fill it in and fax it to +43 1 5852280-99 (form currently only in german). The membership is terminable quarterly and has to last at least 3 month. Service conditions can be found at: terms_de.html (also German version only, we are working on it!)

If you have questions regarding a membership please contact Thomas Hassan ( or +43 1 5852280-13).

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